Phone number: 07480728934

Call started on: 06/09/2023

Searches: 1252 / Update: 15/07/2024

Summary: Negative ( 0 positive · 1 Scam · 0 Spam · 0 Not sure)

Address: Mobile phone, United Kingdom

Other information:

Who called me from 07480728934, We have received a user’s report about phone number 07480728934 with the following content:


I opted not to answer the call, primarily due to my suspicion that it might be spam. The reason for my suspicion was the fact that private mobile numbers typically don’t initiate calls to a wide audience, and this made me question the authenticity of the call. To gain more insight into the situation, I decided to search for information related to the number, which further fueled my doubts about its legitimacy.

Percentage 07480728934 scam
100% (Based on 1 scam/spam votes of total 1 votes)
07480728934 Non-Scam Percentage
0% (Based on 0 positive votes of total 1 votes)
Neutral percent
0% (Based on 0 uncertain votes of total 1 votes)

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10 months ago

I received a call from an individual who claimed to be investigating on behalf of the UK government’s fraud department. I found this call suspicious and decided to report it

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Phone number 07480728934 can also be written in the following ways +447480728934 (UK)