Phone number: 09015451960

Call started on: 22/07/2023

Searches: 96 / Update: 13/04/2024

Summary: Negative ( 0 positive · 1 Scam · 0 Spam · 0 Not sure)

Address: Premium Rate Service Number, UK

Other information:

Percentage 09015451960 scam
100% (Based on 1 scam/spam votes of total 1 votes)
09015451960 Non-Scam Percentage
0% (Based on 0 positive votes of total 1 votes)
Neutral percent
0% (Based on 0 uncertain votes of total 1 votes)

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8 months ago

Evri courier went to great lengths to deceive me by claiming they had delivered my parcel, even taking a photo of the door of an unoccupied house across from my apartment building. When I tried to contact them for redelivery, I was shocked to find out that I was charged an extra £21 for the call, without any prior indication that it was a paid premium service. I can’t fathom why companies continue to rely on such a disorganized and untrustworthy delivery company. From now on, I will be cautious and avoid ordering from any retailers that use Evri.

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Phone number 09015451960 can also be written in the following ways +449015451960 (UK)