Phone number: 09015451607

Call started on: 04/09/2023

Searches: 1161 / Update: 23/06/2024

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Address: Premium Rate Service Number, UK

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I had a similar experience today with O2. I’m currently on a £16 per month plan, but I received a bill for £41.55, which was significantly higher than expected. Concerned about the discrepancy, I contacted O2 customer support and spent around 45 minutes on the phone explaining the issue. After a lengthy discussion, the O2 representative assured me that they would investigate the matter and make the necessary adjustments to my bill. I was somewhat relieved, but I’m now eagerly awaiting the outcome to see if my bill will indeed be corrected as promised.

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9 months ago

I’ve experienced a situation where a call led to charges on your bill, and O2 insists that I initiated the call, leaving my responsible for the expenses. This can be a frustrating situation.

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Phone number 09015451607 can also be written in the following ways +449015451607 (UK)