Phone number: 08007613372

Call started on: 21/07/2023

Searches: 181 / Update: 13/04/2024

Summary: Negative ( 0 positive · 0 Scam · 0 Spam · 1 Not sure)

Address: Freephone Number, United Kingdom

Other information:

Percentage 08007613372 scam
0% (Based on 0 scam/spam votes of total 1 votes)
08007613372 Non-Scam Percentage
0% (Based on 0 positive votes of total 1 votes)
Neutral percent
100% (Based on 1 uncertain votes of total 1 votes)

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8 months ago

I answered the call, but there was no response from the caller, and the call got disconnected. I’m suspicious that it might have been a scam call. I noticed that someone else mentioned it could be from Sky, but I believe Sky’s number differs by only one digit.

Location of phone number 08007613372

What is the other format of the phone number 08007613372?

Phone number 08007613372 can also be written in the following ways +448007613372 (UK)