Phone number: 07342572959

Call started on: 06/09/2023

Searches: 472 / Update: 13/04/2024

Summary: Negative ( 0 positive · 1 Scam · 0 Spam · 0 Not sure)

Address: Mobile phone, United Kingdom

Other information:

Who called me from 07342572959, We have received a user’s report about phone number 07342572959 with the following content:


It was a very terrible experience with a very rude person. It’s important to note that I, like many other individuals, use care when answering calls from ominous numbers because there’s frequently no way to tell who’s calling or what they’re up to. In these circumstances, it’s advisable to exercise caution and put one’s own safety first.

Percentage 07342572959 scam
100% (Based on 1 scam/spam votes of total 1 votes)
07342572959 Non-Scam Percentage
0% (Based on 0 positive votes of total 1 votes)
Neutral percent
0% (Based on 0 uncertain votes of total 1 votes)

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7 months ago

I received a call from someone who claimed to be Ciaran from ‘Reclaim Value.’ However, I decided to hang up the call

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Phone number 07342572959 can also be written in the following ways +447342572959 (UK)